Protect Your Land, Family & Community By Knowing Your Waste Gas Treatment Options

Oil production on your property can be supplemented by an incinerator that will totally combust the waste gas. And with no smoke, visible flame, or odor.

What is “Total Combustion”, And How Is It Achieved?

Whether you have an existing flare on your land, or you are exploring your options for future work, TCI can help.

We will work with your landman/negotiator as well as the Oil & Gas company.

Here are a few cases where our incinerators will serve you better than a traditional flare:

  • You’d prefer to eliminate — rather than help produce more — harmful gases. While flaring was a reasonable solution for the technology of the past, it still allows up to 36% of waste to escape (releasing poisonous, corrosive, flammable hydrogen sulphide, as well as greenhouse gases like methane, into the air). TCI Incinerators totally combust and eliminate such gases.

  • You don’t want to disrupt or harm your livestock or crops nearby. Farmers and ranchers strongly prefer Incinerators because they don’t give off ambient heat, so there is no stress or harm for animals/plants nearby. And the elimination of waste gas means far less effect on livestock fertility or births, nor any poisonous absorption into the vegetation.

  • You want to protect your family and pets. If you are living near the production area, it makes sense that you don’t want your spouse or children breathing in harmful gases. It’s also much less disruptive to look outside without seeing an unsettling open flame and billowing smoke.

  • You have neighbors near the work site, and don’t want to lose social standing in the community. Flames, smoke, and odor tend to be major sources of complaint from residents near oil & gas production sites. TCI Incinerators are fully enclosed, and most people can’t even tell when they are on.

Let's Talk About Your Right To Use An Incinerator

Your Current Situation

Are Incinerators More Expensive Than Flares?

Incinerators are cost-comparative to flares, especially on the lower end of production. That means for the size and capacity required on private land like yours, the costs are very close to flares… with incinerators being a bit more expensive.

The slight extra expense can nearly always be offset by available grants. For instance, the Emission Reduction Fund has $750 million pledged to focus on reducing methane. Regardless of how you feel about Federal funding, this gives you a chance to direct some of your tax dollars to an outcome that directly benefits you. As a major methane reduction technology, TCI Incinerators qualify under the Fund rules.

Even when not covered by grants, that slight extra expense has not been a deal-breaker for several of our clients in the Oil & Gas industry (such as Atco and Bonavista Energy). The reduction of resident complaints when using an Incinerator — rather than a flare — is almost as positive as the elimination of harmful waste gases.

Some companies who are unaware of the benefits and ease-of-use of Incinerators may claim that the cost of flares is all they can afford. This is usually due to their unfamiliarity with our technology, and of course they are also tasked to “bargain” with you. Rest assured, it is within their budgets. In cases where you get pushback, TCI staff may be able to help negotiate with the landman and/or company to come up with a solution that aids everyone.

Is This A "Green" Boondoggle Forced On The Industry By Regulators?

No. TCI technology was originally developed by a Calgarian in response to issues on his own private well.

This is a local, small business, market-based response to improve oil and gas production. The driving force behind the original Incinerator invention was to make production both safer and more amenable to the surrounding community.

As the Federal and Provincial governments of Canada focus on emissions more and more, TCI Incinerators act as a line of defence for both landowners and industry.

No company is forced to use our technology, nor would we ever seek to do so.

The technology and the results speak for themselves. Right now the main reason our Incinerators are not used on nearly every production site is lack of awareness. Most folks are unaware that there is an existing, viable alternative to flaring. This is part of the reason why we are reaching out to people like you, so you are aware of your options for waste gas elimination on your property.

As A Landowner, Do I Need To Deal With This Directly?

Now that you are aware of your option to use an Incinerator, you just need to discuss it with your landman and/or the oil & gas company.

Before they rent or lease your land, they need your approval to put anything on it. You can ask “what will you do with your gas — flare it, vent it, what?”, and then you can say you’d rather they incinerate it.

If you have existing flaring equipment on your property, you can request that it is switched to an Incinerator.

We are available to help you negotiate, so consider putting us in touch with your landman.

Which Oil & Gas Companies Use Your Technology?

Our Incinerators have been used around the world!

Some of the companies you may be familiar with are:

  • Aecon
  • Anegada Oil
  • Atco Pipelines
  • Baytex Energy
  • Bonavista
  • Cuda Energy
  • Glenogle
  • Shanpet Resources
  • Spur Petroleum
  • Timber Rock Energy
  • Tristar Energy
  • Venturion
  • Whitecap Resources

Plus a whole lot more.

We offer both sales and rentals of our equipment. And we’d be happy to deal directly with any company that will be operating on your land.

Will Your Incinerators Work At Remote Locations, Or If I Have X Type Of Land, Or Have Y Type Of Waste Gas?


Our Incinerators can be used at remote, hard to reach locations. The equipment is customizable, and doesn’t even necessarily need power (ie. it could run off solar power).

It doesn’t matter what type of land you have, or what type of waste gas will be produced.

We have portable rental units, and different styles of unit for burnable, rich, and waste gas. There is a style suited to each type of pressure and amount of gas as well.

In short — our technology is flexible to whatever production the oil & gas company needs. Just put us in touch with them (or the landman) to figure out a solution.

How/When Do I Request An Incinerator To Be Used?

If you already have a flare on your land, you can talk to the oil & gas company and request that they upgrade to an Incinerator.

If you are in the process of negotiating to have your land rented/leased, you can have it put into your contract that you require the incineration of the waste gas.

The easiest first step is to contact us using the form on this page (above) so we can learn about your specific situation. Then we can help negotiate with your landman and/or oil & gas company to figure out the best solution for you.


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